The Louisiana Quilt Trail is the fastest growing grassroots art movement in the entire country.



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Since its creation in 2011, The Louisiana Quilt Trail has quickly grown into one of the most popular quilt trails in the nation.  The quilt trail board! LtoR Kim Zabbia, Lisa Kluka,Margaret Bailey, Rosemary Roper-Ydarraga, Cricket Ayala, Terri Seal, Sue Nichols, Anne Boudreaux,Mary Beverly

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Featured quilt block


"The Old Train Depot"
Ponchatoula Country Market - 4'x4'
10 E. Pine St., Ponchatoula, LA

The Country Market is located inside the city’s original train depot & the city is the strawberry capital. An alligator is the engineer because he lives next door as the town mascot. The symbol surrounding the pattern signifies the railroad crossing.