About The Hammond Quilt Trail

Hammond's Quilt Trail runs through Hammond, which is a city located in Tangipahoa Parish. Hammond is a beautiful city with a quaint downtown area, a close-knit community, and an impressive university - Southeastern Louisiana University. Many of the quilt squares throughout Hammond speak to the importance of religion and education in this area. 


Serving Our Community

Hammond Kiwanis Club 4’X4’
300 W. Morris St., Hammond,LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula,La

On Kiwanis International’s 100th anniversary, this pattern uses the latitudinal map lines to connect the new to the old. Now in its 75th year, this chapter has given hope to children, their top priority, beginning their Tour de Tangipahoa fundraiser in 1991. In the early days (bottom images), the club was known for its Christmas tree sales and Zemurray Park train rides.

Celebrating the Arts

Hammond Regional Arts Center 2’X 2’
217 E. Thomas St., Hammond, LA
Artists: Denise Holly & Pat Macaluso Hammond, LA

This design was chosen by the current members of the Hammond Regional Arts Center as the square to represent the variety of Arts activities there: art, music, filmmaking, dance, theater and writing.


Grace Memorial Episcopal Church  
100 W. Church St., Hammond,LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula,La

Grace is the oldest church in Hammond. It features a prominent steeple and striking stained glass windows. The interior houses buttress-like supports in the nave which can be seen in this pattern’s corners. In the colors of the Episcopal Church, this pattern also uses the circle for the Christian community & the angled red cross, one of the oldest Episcopal symbols.

Our Methodist Heritage

First United Methodist Church
2200 Rue Denise, Hammond, LA
Artist: Dale Wattigney, Ponchatoula

The early circuit riders were a vital
element in the beginnings of the Methodist Church. Images include the cross and flame and an abundance of triangles symbolizing the trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Southeastern Nursing: A Legacy of Excellence

Southeastern Louisiana University 4’X4’
400 Tennessee Ave., SLU, Hammond, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula, LA

This pattern marks the 50th Anniversary of the School of Nursing as signified by the 5 Florence Nightingale lamps and the 1964 nurse’s cap. The interlacing colors are the detail-sensitive profession’s blend of art and science. Other images (rays of hope, nurturing hands, heart) represent Southeastern’s commitment to care and compassion.


KTeam Then

KTeam Printing & Imaging
2107 W. Thomas St., Hammond,LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

Established in 1983 as Kwik-Kopy Printing, KTeam was founded by Tom and Nancy Althouse. Images include the linotype press within the KTeam red & navy. Nancy loved pansies; Tom loved sports especially golf and tennis. The family’s lucky #7 is found in the rainbow of Pantone colors.

KTeam Now

KTeam Printing & Imaging
2107 W. Thomas St., Hammond,LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

The modern KTeam, owned by the Althouses’ daughter, Judy, is represented by digital imaging. Personal images include the love of philanthropy (loving cup), a good time(red wine) & the history of cardiologists in their family. The beer signifies the ironic story of how Judy’s parents met & married.

Never Alone Ever Again

Child Advocacy Services 4’X4’
1504 W. Church St., Hammond,LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

Primary colors and twenty fingers on the handprints signify 20 years of services to children through CASA & CAS programs. The 10 homes are the 10 parishes in the CAS region. Each child chooses one Button of Bravery per year of CAS care. The black house in the background is the sadness from which the child has come.

Third Generation Bakers

Doughlicious Donuts 4’X4’
42342 S. Morrison, Hammond, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

The trefoil symbolizes the owners’ faith & the fact that they are 3rd generation bakers. The donuts overlap to create the wedding ring pattern as well as a king cake. The bottom two donuts signify the owners’ children.

Pradillo's Passions

Hammond Eye Clinic 4'X'4
1501 Derek Street, Hammond
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

Husband and wife optometrists, the Pradillo’s lives revolve around their family as well as their careers. The eye and the pair of glasses in this pattern are surrounded by the family’s interests: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Barre Ballet, hunting and fishing.


TARC in Hammond 4'X4'
408 N. Cypress St., Hammond, LA
Artists: Springfield High Gifted Art Students

The images highlight TARC’s commitment to those with special needs. The Wheelchair and crutches signify the challenges faced by handicap. Other images include birds as a symbol for rising above the challenges and the sunrise to represent the hope of a brighter future with TARC.

Embracing The Family

C.A.R.E., Inc. 4'X4'
LOCATION: 1500 J.W. Davis Drive
Hammond, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

Team: Wendy Carter,Gail Gaudet, Bess Corbin
This block shows that CARE, Inc. not only “cares” about their clients 24/7 in their homes, but also embraces their family. Images: sitters, clients, family, home and love woven throughout.

Star Equipment

Star Equipment-Charlie & Trudy Ciolino
42254 East I-55 Service Rd.
Hammond, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

The Kubota tractor frames the images with its grill doubling as the starry night sky over the field. In the field, Italian colors and a German shepherd represent Mr. Ciolino. Mrs. Ciolino’s favorite flower is the rose which also signifies their two sons. The crops they raise are watermelons, satsumas, peppers & strawberries.

Lion Alum: The Roar of Southeastern

Southeastern Louisiana University Alumni Association
LOCATION: Alumni House
500 West University Avenue, Hammond, LA
ARTIST: Kim Howes Zabbia, Ponchatoula, LA (Class of '74)

In familiar green and gold, this pattern commemorates the 85th anniversary of the Alumni Association as represented by Roomie's 8 claws and 5 teeth. The lion's nose doubles as Friendship Oak while his roar signifies the alumni's passionate support of the university. Other images include the eave of the Alumni House plus mortar boards.

The Rose of Sharon

First Presbyterian Church 4'X4'
407 West Charles Street, Hammond, LA
ARTIST: Rosemary Ydarraga, Kentwood, LA
Donated by George and Yvonne Ibert

The Rose of Sharon symbolizes the bride of Christ, and the church as the perfect place.

Team Picture

On the eave of the front of the home at 1028 Oak Hollow Drive, Hammond

DESIGNED by Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula & PAINTED by Shaun Pepitone, Ponchatoula.

Mr. and Mrs. Neal both have had long careers in education: Mr. Neal at Southeatern Louisiana University (the lions’ heads) and Mrs. Neal at Ponchatoula High School (the Green Waves). The couple’s children are represented by the baseball diamond; their daughter (home plate) lives close by and their son (second base) actually played that position in the Minor League. The center wheel includes a spoke (gold) for the Neals and each of their six grandchildren (light green). If the bottom half of the wheel is covered, the top half resembles a window similar to the one in their church as well as the one in the Ponchatoula High library which Mrs. Neal runs. The center cross reflects the family’s faith.

Mother Crust

In front yard at 47500 Holmes Lane, Hammond
DESIGNED & PAINTED by Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

Mrs. Frances is known as the Pie Lady at the Baton Rouge Farmers' Market. This quilt block represents not only her career, but also her family. There are seven slices of pie for her seven children. The missing slice is her husband who is deceased, and the crust is Mrs. Frances who holds the entire family together. 

Ducorbier's Good Neighbors

LOCATION: 304 Old Covington Hwy., Hammond, LA
PARISH: Tangipahoa--south
DESIGNED by Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula
PAINTED by Morgan Ducorbier and Sidnea Sharp, Hammond

Images represent State Farm’s mission to manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, and realize their dreams. The images symbolize Alexis Ducorbier’s commitment to the community and her desire to protect her neighbors (people, cars, homes). The front of each car mimics a teddy bear’s face as the bear is a State Farm mascot.

Discovering New Ideas

Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center
LOCATION: 113 N. Cypress Street, Hammond, LA
PARISH: Tangipahoa--south
DESIGNED & PAINTED by Jason Krause, Hammond, LA

The quilt pattern represents the Discovery Center’s signature exhibit, a virtual hot air balloon ride.  The LCDC is here to provide an exceptional environment where play and learning inspire children to embrace their world. 

Gardener's Delight

LOCATION: On the LEFT garage door at 406 N. General Pershing, Hammond, LA
PARISH: Tangipahoa--south
DESIGNED by Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula & PAINTED by Owner Howard Nichols

 The “his” in the “his and hers” quilt blocks at the Nichols residence, this pattern includes the owner’s passions: collecting train lanterns and working in the yard (rakes) as well as pelicans to symbolize his expertise as a Louisiana historian.


LOCATION: On the RIGHT garage door at 406 N. General Pershing, Hammond, LA
PARISH: Tangipahoa--south
DESIGNED by Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula & PAINTED by Owner Sue Nichols

The “hers” in the “his and hers” quilt blocks at the Nichols residence, this pattern includes the owner’s passions (her dogs and her books) as well as her Irish heritage and the railroad tracks that run alongside their home.

Trademarks of Tangipahoa

LOCATION: 13143 Wardline Road, Hammond, LA
PARISH: Tangipahoa--south
DESIGNED & PAINTED by Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

The quilt pattern tells the story of Tangipahoa Parish with the railroad and strawberries running north and south as well as blocks to represent the municipalities. 


Our Family


LOCATION: On the right gate at 12347 Troyville Rd., Hammond
PARISH: Tangipahoa-south
DESIGNED & PAINTED by Mary Sue Adams

The images reflect each member of the family: Mr. Adams' military career (the eagle and ranking stripes) and love of music (drumsticks and Grateful Dead) and Mrs. Adams and their son's love of art (pencils and paintbrushes). The family in the center overlaps the cross, a symbol of their faith. 


"The Floral Touch"

 Gillingham Residence 4'x4'                                                                                                 1205 S. Holly Street, Hammond, LA                                                                                   Artist:  Kim Howes Zabbia, Ponchatoula, La

The images in this pattern represent the speedy delivery of every floral arrangement (Angels), the owners's Grandmother's favorite pattern (Star), and the shop's most popular flowers (Open Rose, Louisiana Iris and Calla Lily).