The Kentwood / St. Helena Trail crosses parish lines!

The Kentwood / St. Helena Quilt Trail takes you to the edge of the state line. This trail runs through the beautiful hilly country of St. Helena Parish on the west and through north Tangipahoa Parish in the center. We've broken up the trail by parish, so you can plan your trip!



Helena Parish - Kentwood / St. Helena Trail

This part of the Kentwood/Greensburg Trail includes quilt squares in St. Helena Parish. St. Helena Parish belongs to what is known as "The Florida Parishes" and is one of the four original Florida Parishes. 



St. Helena, The Settlement Sampler

Owner: St. Helena Historical Association 4'X4'
LOCATION: Montpelier Town Hall, 36400 Hwy. 16, Montpelier
Artist: Rosemary Ydarraga, Kentwood, LA

Funded by: Jazz and Heritage Foundation

This design pays tribute to the Native American civilization who influenced the future of St. Helena. This pattern also honors the English Loyalists and African Americans who migrated with them from Georgia & the Carolinas. Images signify the Native Americans (Indian sunrise), the church (praying hands), migration (flying geese), African American & sustenance farming (rail fence), water-driven sawmills during 1800’s (sawtooth wheel) and the states of Georgia, North and South Carolina.


Heart of St. Helena

Owner: St. Helena Historical Assoc. 3'X3'
LOCATION: Corkwell Building, 90 Rohner Road, Amite, LA address but located in St. Helena Parish
Artist: Rita Allen, Greensburg, La

The images in this pattern represent the rich history of St. Helena Parish: the Republic of West Florida (yellow star & the blues of its flag, the 4 original parishes), sky & water (blue), trees & the parish’s growth (green), the earth and pioneer settlers (browns and log cabin pattern), Historical Association’s books (yellow book spines), Montpelier & Greensburg together serving as the parish seat (two books) & the two parishes carved from St. Helena (brown bars).


St. Helena Connection

LOCATION: 8140 Hwy. 10, Greensburg
PARISH: St. Helena
DESIGNED by Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula & PAINTED by Tourist Commission Director Rita Allen

The images represent the parish of St. Helena: wildlife (wild turkey tracks & deer antlers), pine trees and the Brushy Creek Meteor that landed in the parish 12,000 years ago. 


Tangipahoa Parish - Kentwood / St. Helena Trail

This part of the Kentwood/St. Helena Trail includes quilt squares in Tangipahoa Parish. Tangipahoa Parish was named after the Tangipahoa River, when the parish was carved out from surrounding parishes and given its own name in 1869. 


Milk Can

Crawford Residence  4'X4'
21708 Hwy. 441, Kentwood,LA
Artist: Peggy Crawford, Kentwood

This quilt pattern represents an aspect of the owner’s being raised on a dairy farm owned by her parents, Winfred and Pearl B. Travis. Milk was shipped to Baton Rouge in this type of milk can. The calli lily also holds a strong childhood memory for the owner.


Strings & Springs

I-55 LA State Welcome Center 4'X4'
Sponsored by the Chocolate Vine (now Bea's Bistro), 129 E. Pine St., Ponchatoula, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula, LA

In our state, music flows as easily as Louisiana water. A tribute to our deep musical roots, this pattern contains images dear to our hearts: state instrument-the single row Diatonic Cajun accordion, state song-the beginning of "You Are My Sunshine", state colors-navy, gold & white, and instruments that have made Louisiana famous: the fiddle, clarinet, trumpet & keyboard.



North-South Connections

I-55 LA State Welcome Center 4'X4'
Sponsored by First Guaranty Branch
400 East Thomas St., Hammond, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula, LA

This pattern symbolizes the early settlement of Louisiana surrounded by the state colors of navy, gold and white. The border pattern represents Native American ancestors who met the cultures settling in these five parishes. Other ancestors came from the New Orleans port to the north shore via railroad.The pelican, Lousiana’s state bird cradles the strawberry, the state fruit.


New Beginnings

Linda and Jack Taylor 8'X8'
75581 North Haynes Road, Kentwood
Side of their Barn facing the street
Designed by daughter Jacklynn Ray
Painted by Jack, Linda and Jacklynn

This block, the largest on the Louisiana Trail so far, has colors that represent the owners' former home in Chalmette (beige) which was a total loss after Hurricane Katrina and their new beginning in their Kentwood country home (red). The black ribbon wraps around the red and gold Fleur de Lis to signify the family's devotion to their champion football team, the New Orleans Saints.


Kentwood Riches

Owner: City of Kentwood
Kentwood Town Hall
308 Avenue G, Kentwood
Funded by Benson Technology
Designer: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula, La
Painter: Rosemary Ydarraga, Kentwood, LA

The images in this block give a snapshot of Kentwood’s rich history: cattle industry (dairy and beef cows), industry (bricks, spring water and logging), economy (trucking), beautiful scenery (blues and greens). All of the images are just tokens of the opportunities to be found in the town of Kentwood for residents and visitors alike.


Alpaca Crossing

Alpaca Train Stop 42"X42"
LOCATION: 11233 Hwy. 38, Kentwood
Artist: Rosemary Ydarraga, Kentwood

Two brothers, John H. McGehee, Sr. (1927-77) and his brother Aubrey (1919-69), absolutely loved the railroad. With a combined service of 100 years, the men travelled the tracks from Chicago to New Orleans departing from McComb, MS. They are known for their famous quote: “Just because you see the tracks does not mean the train has departed.” John’s daughter, Sandy McGhee Reed pays homage to them and her beloved alpacas with the design of this quilt trail block.


Kangaroo Corner

LOCATION: Above front entrance on the main building, a 1930’s WPA-built school: 603 Ninth Street, Kentwood
ARTIST: Rosemary Ydarraga, Kentwood

This quilt block has been donated by the Class of ’62 in honor of its 50th year reunion. The class is symbolized by the six radiating patches emanating from the center of the block and the two kangaroos, the school’s mascot. The colors are Kentwood High School’s blue and orange.


Glenda's Flower Legacy

LOCATION: 307 Avenue E, Kentwood
PARISH: Tangipahoa--north
DESIGNED & PAINTED by Rosemary Ydarraga, Kentwood

The pattern in the center is derived from a quilt given to Glenda by her mother and father. The border flowers represent the shop, however, the yellow tulips represent an applique’ that her mother used in her daughter’s childhood clothing. The business had been a flower shope for almost sixty years before the current owners bought it in January, 2004. Glenda's specializes in fresh and silk flowers along with green indoor plants. They also carry a wide variety of gift ideas for all occasions.


John 3:16

LOCATION: front left side at 306 Avenue F, Kentwood
PARISH: Tangipahoa--north
DESIGNED & PAINTED by Rosemary Ydarraga, Kentwood

The original quilt pattern is entitled “Crown of Thorns” and features an offset cross in addition to the crown. It was chosen to remind all Christians of Christ’s sacrifice.


Irish Chain

LOCATION: 405 Avenue B, Kentwood
PARISH: Tangipahoa--north
DESIGNED & PAINTED by Owner Terry McCoy

The McCoy ancestors came from the County Cork, Ireland.


Cross and Crown

LOCATION: in front yard of 14530 Hwy. 38, Kentwood
PARISH: Tangipahoa--north

This quilt pattern is a tribute to the owner’s mother and connected to the religious meaning of the cross.


Sheila's Granny Square

LOCATION: front of carport at 401 Avenue E, Kentwood
PARISH: Tangipahoa--north
DESIGNED & PAINTED by Rosemary Ydarraga, Kentwood

This quilt block was inspired by a photo of Sheila’s grandmother crocheting one of the squares for her Granny Square afghan.


Idaho Tribute

LOCATION: front of carport at 506 Avenue A, Kentwood
PARISH: Tangipahoa--north
DESIGNED & PAINTED by Rosemary Ydarraga, Kentwood

This quilt block is one published in Hearth & Home magazine in the early 20th century in answer to a call to quilters across the nation to submit a block representing their states. Mr. Ydarraga is an Idaho native.