"Cajun Connection"

Location:  Welcome Center at Atchafalya I-10
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula, La

The twinspan of the Atchafalayan Basin Bridge, The 3rd Longest in the US, flanks this block's centerpiece, the Evangeline oak, the state reptile, the alligator,m claws the zydeco washboard which doubles as swampwalk under the bridge.  The plane flying overhead signifies the 82nd Airborne, comprised of Cajuns, during WWII.


Civilian Conservation at its Best

LOCATION: Originally located at the Welcome Center in Alexandria on I-49, this incredible quilt square block has been relocated to the Kisatchie National Forest.
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

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Strings & Springs

Strings and Springs.jpg

I-55 LA State Welcome Center 4'X4'
Sponsored by the Chocolate Vine (now Bea's Bistro), 129 E. Pine St., Ponchatoula, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula, LA

In our state, music flows as easily as Louisiana water. A tribute to our deep musical roots, this pattern contains images dear to our hearts: state instrument-the single row Diatonic Cajun accordion, state song-the beginning of "You Are My Sunshine", state colors-navy, gold & white, and instruments that have made Louisiana famous: the fiddle, clarinet, trumpet & keyboard.

North South Connections.jpg

North-South Connections

I-55 LA State Welcome Center 4'X4'
Sponsored by First Guaranty Branch
400 East Thomas St., Hammond, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula, LA

This pattern symbolizes the early settlement of Louisiana surrounded by the state colors of navy, gold and white. The border pattern represents Native American ancestors who met the cultures settling in these five parishes. Other ancestors came from the New Orleans port to the north shore via railroad.The pelican, Lousiana’s state bird cradles the strawberry, the state fruit.


"Iconic Louisiana Seafood"    

Location: Pearl River State Welcome Center                                                                       61441 I -59 Southbound Pearl River, La                                                                               Artist: Kim Zabbia 

Marine life plays a major role in the culture and cuisine of Louisiana Images include the state crustacean (crawfish), state fresh water fish ( white perch), state saltwater fish (speckled trout), state amphibian (tree frog) and the state tree (bald cypress) all surrounded by the ever-present palmetto of the state's wetlands.


Pelican State

I-10 LA State Welcome Center 4'X4'
Sponsored by Bright Hopes Quilting
Suite C-1,5150 Hwy. 22, Mandeville, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula, LA

Louisiana’s state bird, the brown pelican soars across the state colors of navy, gold and white. The LeMoyne Star quilt pattern in the background represents New Orleans, the port through which many of our ancestors arrived. The magnolia buds in the corners signify Louisiana’s state flower in its infancy.

Pelican State.jpg
Blooming La.jpg

Blooming Louisiana

I-10 LA State Welcome Center 4'X4'
Sponsored by Smith’s Nursery
19335 Hwy. 22, Ponchatoula, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula, LA

The state colors of navy, gold and white accent Louisiana’s state flower, the magnolia, in full bloom. Inside the center of the magnolia is the state quilt pattern, the pinwheel.


Gator Country  .JPG

"Gator Country"

Sponsored by Sew This! 70117 Hwy 59 Abita Springs, LA Location: I-10 Welcome Center Slidell, La                   Artist:  Kim Zabbia   Ponchatoula, LA

the state colors of Navy, Gold and White highlight the French star, a symbol for one of the dominant cultures that settled this northshore region.  Our state wildflower, the Louisiana iris, floats in is center.  Other images include our state reptile, the alligator swimming in a swamp of bald cypress, the state tree.