About The Amite Quilt Trail

The Amite Quilt Trail is near the northern part of Tangipahoa parish, and runs primarily through the town of Amite. Locals and visitors, alike, love Amite for its picturesque fields, beautiful blooms, and easy-going pace. Once a year, people from all over flock to Amite for its amazing Oyster Festival (held each March). 




Leaders Serving Others

Kiwanis Club of Amite 4’X 4’
100 E. Railroad Ave., Amite, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula, LA

The 7 posts & 5 stars for Terrific Kids represent 75 years of Amite Kiwanians serving others. Kiwanis-sponsored Catha Park’s winding sidewalk brings us to leaders & children (the club’s top priority) who are in the shape of the 911 memorial. Doors between them are opportunities Kiwanis offers. Inside the posts are Key Club, B.U.G. Bringing up Grades & the golf tourney that helps fund their efforts. The flying C130 is a symbol for Amite’s own Larry Mobley who served as LaMissTenn’s Governor.


Generations of a Building

Gabriel Building Supply 4’ X 4’
900 West Oak Street, Amite, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula, LA

This pattern represents the original art of construction featuring hand tools: hammers, screw drivers, wrenches and tape measures; yet Gabriel building supply has kept up with the cutting edge of modern day construction since its beginning over 80 years ago.


The Tangipahoa Parish Connection 

The Tangipahoa Parish Fair Block  4’X4’                                                                                                                    1301 NW Central Ave., Amite, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula,La

A Ferris Wheel is a common sight at a fair, but this one has riders that signify all of the wonderful products that are represented at the annual Tangipahoa Parish Fair: livestock & poultry, plants & agricultural products, art & music, cooking & sewing. The Ferris Wheel stands on a pedestal that is shaped like the parish: a star marks the parish seat & fair location in Amite & the Tangipahoa river & RR run north & south.


Claire's Welcome

Claire’s on Mulberry  3’X 3’
114 W. Mulberry Street, Amite, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula, LA

This pattern welcomes visitors to this event venue. Accented by dogwood blossoms and a striking white fence, the images include not only the architecture of this historic home built in 1908, but also the groups that regularly meet there: the Garden Club, the Amite Art Club and the Book Club.


The Heart of the Business Community

Amite City Chamber of Commerce  
101 SE Central, Amite, LA 4’X4’
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

In this pattern, represented by its historic office, the Chamber is the heart and the businesses are the building blocks of the Chamber. The Chamber also offers hope to new commercial ventures (the blocks at the top) by connecting them to the existing enterprises as well as providing resources to ensure their future success.



Crossroads of the Florida Parishes

Town of Amite City 4'X4'
212 E. Oak St., Amite City, LA In front of City Hall
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

Love of country surrounds the 1908 courthouse as Amite is the parish seat. Other images pay tribute to the town’s origins (Choctawand the railroad) as well as the river and the annual Oyster Festival.

Train Station Park is the site of the old railroad depot, an important part of the city’s transportation and industry. Images in this quilt pattern include the Fleur de Lis on purple and gold, the colors of Denham Springs High School. Train images include the “cowcatcher” on the bottom and a “smokestack” on top. The blades of the Fleur de Lis containrailroad tracks.


Arena Energy

Florida Parishes Arena
1301 NW Central Avenue, Amite
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

Designed on the front of a denim cowboy shirt, this quilt pattern reflects images that relate to the Arena’s popularity: its modern architectural entrance, barrel racing, Brahman cattle, spurs and the black heavy fencing that surrounds the rodeo area.


Historic Amite City

The Royal Hotel
112 East Railroad Avenue, Amite, LA
Artists: Members of the Amite Art Club

This block’s location, the historic Royal Hotel built circa 1900, is the center of the design. The surrounding squares include historic images (Choctaw village, Train Depot), organizations (the Arts, Gardening), events (Oyster Festival) and industry (Steel Foundry, Cotton Farming, Cotton Gin Factory, Dairy Farming).


Bruce Roots (Currently Uninstalled)

On a post in the west yard at 21221 Whitney Dr., Loranger, LA

 The images represent the couple’s artistic skills (hers as a pianist and organist and his as a visual artist and glass etcher) as well as the wife’s passion for flowers (tulip) and her career as a kindergarten teacher (apple).

Heart of a Healthy Community

Hood Memorial Hospital   4x4
LOCATION: 301 Walnut Street, Amite, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

Hood Memorial Hospital is an acute and specialty care hospital that exists to provide premium quality healthcare services, including outpatient and diagnostic, to residents and visitors of the tri-parish area of Tangipahoa, St. Helena, and Washington, provide a hometown atmosphere where all patients feel welcome and confident in the healthcare services provided.

Tangipahoa Parish Outdoors: North to South

Tangipahoa Parish Administration Bldg
LOCATION: Mulberry Street,  Amite, LA
Artist: Kim Zabbia, Ponchatoula

The design of this Quilt Trail block: the trees and the changing ecology, from the hilly north end of the parish to the swamps in the south, symbolize not only the diversity of Tangipahoa Parish's natural environment, but also its rich culture and vibrant residents.